TLC’s Private Studio, Stroud, Gloucestershire

This temporary workshop space is set in beautiful surroundings in Stroud, yet within easy public reach. In addition to the great location, we specifically chose to use the studio for our sound and voice research because it has the added benefit of being in wonderful natural grounds, full of the sounds of nature, all of which helps to create a comforting, safe space and enhance deeper relaxation. We have refurbished the studio so that it is now comfortable for small groups with a maximum of 10 people, and also for individual 1:1 sessions. It is a lovely light space with easy access for all.

The studio is fully equipped with the necessary equipment for various participants’ needs and the different activities being carried out, to ensure your comfort, greater benefits and enhanced flexibility of the space (this includes: chairs, mats and blankets, a couch for 1:1 sessions, tables, a refreshment and changing area etc.). Please see the gallery below.

Parking is available on site for your convenience, providing you are willing to be considerate of the arrangements, and mindful of its surroundings.

Session schedule

  • Group sound and voice sessions (weekends)
  • 1:1 sound work sessions (Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays)

Please note, the schedule may be subject to changes.

Location and how to find us

Please contact us to find out more about where we are and how to find us.