For Individuals

Transition – Development – Growth

TLC aims to particularly support those who may be going through a transition period, making significant lifetime or career changes (either by personal choice or unplanned otherwise). However, clients from all walks of life are welcome to get in touch to see how TLC work can enhance and empower this process.

It is an opportunity to participate in deeper, personally-tailored creative mentoring workshops enhancing well-being. TLC would work with you using person-centred approach, which means this is a non-symptomatic or prescriptive way to explore stages of your transitioning and experiential process.

We believe this can propel organic and full development to take place at a time when the individual may be ready and able to explore and release, with confidence and trust. You will be able to work through identifying what is needed and what is stopping you from reaching your potential, and we’ll explore ways to move forward at this time. The Integrated Creative Talent Management sessions may include voice, sound and sustainable arts, dependent on your preference, coupled with personal development techniques.

Examples of individuals TLC might work with are:

– Returners to work & leavers 
– Retired, unemployed & redundant
– Graduates
– New start-up entrepreneurs
– Seldom-heard members of the community
– Empowered patients with long-term difficulties

NOTE: The primary ‘Integrated Creative Talent Management Sessions’ are currently offered to adults only, and this list is simply an example of the types of people that might potentially benefit from working with us, but is in no means exhaustive.

Support we can offer may include:

  • A FREE ‘Assessment session (to help identify your needs and discuss ways to work together)
  • ‘Mentoring sessions’ to discover your passions, exploring key strengths and defining your personal core values and beliefs (your own culture)
  • ‘Explore your Own Style’ (define your own WHY-HOW-WHAT model, and your personal communication, learning and behavioral styles)
  • ‘Creativity and Expression Beyond Words’ 1-2-1 (exploration sessions particularly with chosen media: art/sound/voice and confidence building techniques)
  • ‘Relax with Sounds’ (take your time and work on releasing tension first before moving further)

Feel free to get in touch today to discuss your needs and find out more about ways TLC can support you moving forward.