For Diverse Groups and Communities

Diversity – Understanding – Communication

When it comes to working with groups, TLC is very passionate and orientated on facilitating change aimed at social inclusion, diversity and bringing people together in and around the Gloucestershire area. We very much focus on providing bespoke solutions to help you express your assets, including extensive voice and sound work, coupled with methods of self-reflection. Where possible we also offer even more sustainable ways to help you achieve your aims, with our sustainable arts and crafts tools.

We would work with you to explore, express and bring about the best of your group potential, in order to create support, understanding and positive change for the group, both internally and externally.

These workshops are open to a wide range of groups, but we especially invite diverse community members across Gloucestershire to get involved. In particular, our interest and priority is to invite those groups who not only feel this could be beneficial to them in general, but who also believe in the TLC culture of growing and promoting local unique talents as a way forward.

Types of groups who might benefit from this work may include:

  • Mens’ groups
  • Returners to work & the unemployed
  • Linked groups of new start-up entrepreneurs
  • Seldom-heard members of the community
  • The elderly
  • Patients with long-term difficulties
  • Particular minority groups

NOTE: The sessions are currently offered to adults only, and this list is simply an example of the types of groups that might potentially benefit from working with us, but is in no means exhaustive.

However, there may be some opportunities for the younger members of our community to get involved in our TLC outreach projects, such as the ‘Upcycled Art Outdoors’* sessions, which are open to all ages and abilities.

Support we can offer may include:

  • A FREE ‘Assessment session where applicable – to help identify your needs and ways to work together
  • ‘Express your vocal potential’ – workshops based on extensive voice work techniques and methods
  • ‘Sound and Well’ workshops – involving sound, group exploration and reflective process techniques
  • Upcycled Art Outdoors – social inclusion and asset-based project run in local green venues and is focused on developing local sustainable skills while promoting environment friendly activities – seasonal only
  • ‘Create The Change’ – tailored workshops throughout the year, promoting sustainable ways to learn, share and develop your potential. With use of upcycling techniques, personal development aspects and confidence building methods

If you would like to find out if this work could be relevant for your group or community, please don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss your needs further. Plus you can also check out the ‘What’s On’ section, to learn more about all of our local initiatives throughout the year.


* Founded in September 2014, Upcycled Art Outdoors is a social inclusion and asset-based programme based in Gloucestershire, which works as as a cross-generational outreach project, aiming to bridge the gaps in creative and sustainable ways, whilst helping local community groups to develop skills and ultimately realise their potential, in order to achieve better understanding of different needs and diverse skills assets. It is run seasonally only, and is based on developing local sustainable skills while promoting environment friendly activities. Please see the UAO Facebook page for more information.