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Engage – Empower – Evolve

For organisations in and around the Gloucestershire area, TLC’s bespoke approach to team building and exploring communication skills creatively can improve the learning and development strategy of your business, based on enhancing your workforce’s natural capabilities and unique potential, soft skills, and identifying competencies to create a sustainable and successful organisation. This is an important part of an overall strategy in order to stay ahead of ever changing market conditions and your own business needs.

Our goal

The ultimate goal is to enable the growth of leadership from the inside out, and supporting work teams to grow together by applying a wide range of integrated Creative Personal and Professional Development tools.

Promoting diversity

TLC recognises the value of promoting diversity within teams, not only in the more commonly-known sense based on nationality, but also of diversity across the workforce with their skills, background and aspirations, as well as different communication and learning styles. If properly understood, and used effectively, this could lead to improving efficiency, reducing absenteeism and enhancing overall performance of the team, as well as the business as a whole. It is vital to firstly create more understanding of each other, address well-being issues as they happen and most of all, enhance ongoing two-way communication between team members and the employers.

As a result, it can create a mutually beneficial and safe environment to work and develop in, especially in situations where cultural differences and language may be a barrier to more open communication. In this case, TLC’s tools can help you to make the change and provide an alternative and effective way forward.

TLC’s vision supports the idea of creating endless possibilities for empowering your Team, by recognising and promoting unique and diverse talents across the sector, and providing ways to support their overall well-being needs. It aims to ultimately propel the management of change and team collaboration, enhance employee and team engagement, and help drive higher performance levels towards overall business success.

Bespoke and tailored solutions

By implementing creative tools such as art, sound and voice work in talent management and development for local businesses, TLC is able to work in a highly tailored and bespoke way with you. This could be just what you need to deal with your team evolution, bring the best out of them and enable them to achieve further professional and personal growth.

The personal side of your business

We focus on the more personal side of the business, and will work with you towards creating the common understanding that the business is actually very personal, needing to place its biggest asset – people – in the core of its being and decision making.

Meeting the BME2020 Challenge

TLC also aims to help employers to meet the BME2020 Challenge; the UK’s national government’s initiative which focuses on developing more diverse talents across all sectors, encouraging employers to offer mentoring and increase work opportunities for ethnic groups members, supporting them with achieving full employment, as well as their aspirations. It aims to encourage and ensure that local businesses make the most of the talent and potential that exists in the BME communities across the country.

You can find out more information about the BME2020 Challenge HERE.

Support we can offer may include:

Key areas: promoting diversity, team building, confidence building, stress management, creative problem solving, improving well-being, identifying and developing emotional and social competencies

  • A FREE ‘Assessment session – to help identify your business needs and best ways to work together with your team
  • ‘Teams growing together stay together’ – tailored and bespoke team building sessions with creative and expressive tools, including sound, voice or sustainable art elements – may be passive or active (see the information about current research and engage
  • Growth through creativity– proactive sessions which explore your team’s assets and hidden talents, understand communication and learning styles and how to use them most effectively
  • Stress management sessions – passive relaxation sessions with instruments and supportive techniques
  • Empowered voice sessions – confidence building creative workshops with additional extensive voice work techniques

Feel free to get in touch today to discuss your work teams’ needs and learn how TLC can support you with bringing about their unique potential.