About TLC

Why The Local Core (TLC)?

It has been a long-term process of defining my own vision, shaped and challenged by different life and work inspirations, but also personal struggles and unexpected events. All life-transforming. It started with ‘an early inspiration’ from my family, as well as the sustainable and creative community I grew up in, but was fully shaped by so-called ‘moments of full realisation’ when I needed to face and embrace my own adversities impacting my health and lifestyle I cherished. However, it led to shaping my own WHY and ‘TLC’ is the response of years of personal observations, reflections and perseverance to make a choice to grow through both difficulties and opportunities. The actual name has a lot of personal meaning, it represents the essence of my own core values and beliefs, and I ultimately hope to continue sharing them widely with others: individuals, diverse communities and local businesses.

How does TLC aim to differentiate itself?

TLC offers various innovative creative methods and techniques for improving health & well-being and enhancing growth, which are based on fundamental truths and biological processes, in order to allow an organic process to take place and continue beyond words. In music, like in life, what happens between the notes matters the most. Ultimately it aims to explore, develop and promote local talent, (not just creative talent, but from all walks of life) – the local core of the community.

By doing so, we hope to encourage you to develop your personal, emotional and social competencies (Emotional Intelligence) so you can effectively implement them into practical aspects of your personal and professional life and create a long-lasting difference for self and others.

TLC promotes simple core values: sustainability both in the community and in business, which will be achieved through applying a wide range of creative tools, solutions and creating and maintaining collaborative local partnerships. In addition, it aims to empower all local voices, whilst offering creative bespoke services and promoting talent on a local and national scale.

How does TLC bring cause into action now and for the future?

It is about finding and realising what makes you stand out from the crowd, by standing up to what resonates here and now.  I believe we are all meant to be different, and to support each other in the way we feel is best suited to our abilities and skills. It is simply about finding ways to courageously and confidently implement that into our daily practice and communication style.

I hope to continue inspiring others to make ultimate decisions to follow what’s important to them, and share it widely in an authentic way.

In the last several years, I have been popularizing the concept called ‘two-way communication’ which allows open-minded and flexible dialogue, where everyone is equally listened to and heard. This also refers to raising self-awareness and understanding what’s within. Finding my own voice has been one of the most important aspects and challenges during my professional and personal experience as a young person, introvert and reflector, expressive communicator, passionate traveller, female and diverse community member, with multiple interests and creative skills.

I have been also fortunate to work with people with a different range of needs and abilities, which helped me to understand what challenges are faced by those who are unable to come openly with their strengths and be accepted for their own personal abilities. If there are barriers for any reason, my tools for creative development and exploration can be very helpful for both team and confidence building sessions, as well as part of deeper personal reflective processes. Sound, Voice and arts have no boundaries and therefore can be used by anyone, regardless of their age, abilities or background. I very much enjoy working with those groups.

To date, I have been an active ‘ambassador’ for diverse communities, whether in actively participating in local engagement activities, speaking up and challenging unfair situations, organising inclusive cross-generational activities, promoting healthcare equalities, and most importantly to me, encouraging social inclusion across the sectors.

This is my life-long passion and I have invested a great deal of time and commitment in order to continue my involvement in this area, and to remind myself why it is important. However, there is still plenty to do and that’s why ‘TLC’ was created… I hope we can all do it TOGETHER!

Looking back on my own experience, I have personally witnessed how these groups and unique individuals are often missed out when it comes to recognising how much contribution and talent they have to offer, wherever they choose to live, work or settle down. Employers don’t often realise how performance and team efficiency could be enhanced, if each person had a chance to build upon their own strengths, whilst finding tools to build trust and collaboration.

Ultimately the idea is to allow them to be truly themselves rather than focus on their competition.

TLC perspective

‘TLC’ aims to change the perspective on creative approach to health & well-being, personal and professional development. It is also a reminder that business is very personal, as it is all about people; people whose growth and well-being depends on bonding and maintaining relationships, whether that be locally or nationally, as well as cross-culturally. By finding ways to connect, we can mutually build stronger, more supportive and creative communities for many generations to come.

This is true sustainability.

‘Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success’.  Henry Ford