About Me – Agnieszka Paszkiewicz

‘The Local Core’ was created by me, Agnieszka Paszkiewicz, Assoc. The establishment of this organisation allows me to combine my considerable organisational knowledge and experience, together with the extensive skills I gained from working and training in private, public and voluntary sectors.

I was fortunate to participate in two international vocational and language schemes through ‘Leonardo Da Vinci Programmes’, which took place in Gran Canaria and Malta. As part of the programme, I had the incredible opportunity to undertake vocational training in a major worldwide bank, within both the Business Development Centre and the Human Resources Department. My passion and interest in HR area led to undertaking further studies and obtaining qualifications in this subject.

Also, throughout my extensive travels, both nationally and internationally, I was able to integrate with local people and visit lesser known areas. As a result, I got the chance to meet and collaborate with diverse groups of people, with great and unique talents, which were as yet mostly undiscovered. I was highly inspired to help them and others stand out and explore living life to their fullest potential!

Throughout my life, I have invested a great deal of time on professional and personal development, and am constantly exploring ways to make it creative and fun-filled. Both as a natural progression, and part of my own self-realisation, I decided to undertake an extensive professional qualification in Sound and Voice Therapy work (up to Sound Practitioner level) with the British Academy of Sound Therapy, a reputable international training body in this field. This is now helping me to offer a wider range of methods and techniques, which are suitable for more diverse audience, whilst working on a deeper, more conscious level.

Why it matters to me?

I believe that every journey starts with a single step, it happens locally, and is driven by various personal factors. We all are capable of making a difference in our lives, if we choose to be active and responsible participants in our own process. We just need to start where we are and discover our uniquely personal ways of bringing it about.

I am firm believer we are meant to enjoy the journey as we go along, release what is no longer serving us and replace it with more life affirming choices. Therefore my idea of using creative media in my work with clients is to support this process, and facilitate the space where we can feel ourselves, whether in the workplace, our local community or at home, so that the desired changes can take place. This is a work-life balance I believe we need to aim for.

My shared vision

With my venture, I am able to combine my long-term interests and professional training in the HR arena, with another life-long passion – that of creative living and expression – particularly using sound, voice and sustainable arts, to enable more effective and collaborative ways to grow and connect with others, improve our well-being, build teams and bring out the more personal side of a business. That is how I build the concept of my creative personal and professional development work.

Through a combination of our biology and culture, many of us struggle to put our emotions into words, and to communicate what we are feeling effectively. This can lead to all kinds of problems and frustrations, in ourselves as well as in our relationships, both work-related and personal. However, there are many techniques which can be invaluable in helping us to be more outwardly expressive, such as creative mixed media, which can contribute to more of our potential being uncovered.

I believe we can always find ways to remove obstacles and transform struggles into strengths, by choosing to live and work to our own greatest potential. I see creative expression as a way to evolve, grow and create lasting change, in order to help us become more productive and lift ourselves up to achieve what matters most to us. We can still thrive when we strive and I have consistently done that myself.

The foundation of the work we do here at TLC is to create a safe, comfortable and inclusive environment where the process can evolve as it happens, without unnecessary pressure or setting unrealistic expectations. My hope is that everyone will feel welcome and able to participate with full confidence, self-trust and the feeling of belonging to something important and local to them. I hope you will feel well looked after, and find the tools suitable for your own development.

The aim is to explore and support you in reaching your full potential, in a way that is tailored to you, and based on what is needed and possible at the time. This involves simply starting where you and/or your team already are in your process. This enables you to find your own way to explore, identify and promote the assets and qualities of you and/or your team, in order to build stronger and more supportive environments to work, develop and live in.

Here at TLC, it is one of our primary intentions to unite and bring people together, especially in our current divided climate and this will always be behind everything we do together.

Some core and fun facts about me

For me, every day is a great opportunity to put my own core values and beliefs into action. It is always possible to actively preach what we believe, but fully living by our values and beliefs is what makes the greatest difference.

I am a natural-born observer and sensitive reflector, and as part of my own process I enjoy spending hours being creative, playing my wide range of instruments, being outdoors in nature, reading books and meeting like-minded people.

I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life, no exception! I personally feel inspired by learning their stories of real-life transformations

I have a special life-long interest, and much experience, in working and collaborating with diverse teams. I’ve learned we all have a great capacity to develop a spectrum of skills and talents if we find the right ways to do so. Always explore!

I enjoy multi-cultural and cross-generational activities and community engagements (personally and professionally), as this raises awareness of different skills and needs, whilst also connecting people.


I believe in fairness and social justice, despite (and maybe even because of) having experienced the other side of the spectrum. As a result, it made me determined to put effort into voicing what’s publicly unheard and unspoken, whilst also encouraging and supporting others to stand up to challenges and inequality. I believe each voice is powerful enough to make a difference!

When it comes to sharing and connecting, I always start with food (or at least a cup of tea!) and using tools for creative expression to bond.

I strongly believe in people empowerment, no matter how big or small that may be. You can never fully know how much difference you might have made in one person’s life

I give my time to those who seek my assistance or support. I believe time is the most invaluable thing we can offer, and share it wisely with others.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration (HR was also part of my studies and I took my final examination and wrote dissertation in International Public Law) followed by internships in governments offices.

To this day, I still enjoy expanding my legal knowledge, by trying to understand ever changing systems and procedures (not always easy!). This also helps me to understand the pressure within that profession and how much potential is there to work with.

There is no area I would not choose to explore. However, I do have preferences and I prioritise what’s currently needed and follow that.

My interest and background in HR, with a major long-term passion for talent management, started with very early inspiration from my family, who fully supports me with my life choices, ever growing ambitious plans and learning new skills. I have also met many great mentors and teachers throughout my formal education, professional work and most of all life in general. I am grateful to them all.

I was awarded Associate Membership of the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) and continue to develop regularly in various workshops and events, whilst actively networking.

I have a modern approach to talent management, placing the people at the core of the culture, whilst using an asset-based approach and social inclusion to build upon on it.

Out of genuine passion, I have also been supporting others with their own personal and professional development, by inspiring them with my determination, unconventional solutions and problem solving skills. In addition, I assist them with preparing for important interviews, creating CVs and writing covering letters, which helps them to realise and build upon their unique strengths and potential at the same time.

I have a great interest in learning languages. Throughout my life, I have been fortunate to get to know various cultures and learn 8 European languages to varying degrees, through different sources: my formal education, extensive travelling, and interacting with others; all of which helped me to enhance my experience and made it much richer. However, much of it has also been done using more unconventional methods, including using all of my all senses, as well as my emotional intelligence.

I stay in constant ‘student mode’ and never stop learning. I openly admit this is a never ending story for me, and there is always something inspiring to discover. I believe we only live once, so let’s live our life to its’ fullest potential.

I popularize a ‘two-way communication’ process, which enables open-minded engagement where both sides are actively listened to and heard. This also relates to self-understanding and active listening of what’s within. I share that concept where possible.

I founded the Upcycled Art Outdoors community project in September 2014, as a response to local needs, in order to raise awareness of sustainable cross-generational activities and building inclusive communities together. This set the foundations for TLC after realising much more work is needed. It became a life-changing decision!

I have actively engaged and worked with various local communities, including groups that are often ignored. I served a public role as a Board Member/Lead for ‘Seldom Heard’ in the organisation (part of the national network) which gives everyone and especially those who might normally be excluded a powerful and equal voice in healthcare and social care. I got involved with this work as a result of my own highly challenging experiences with accessing healthcare services, and I was able to make a difference, so that others can now have a better experience and make own informed choices.

I am very interested in health and well-being, both for myself and others. This includes having former work experience as a Community Health Trainer which involved supporting clients to make lifestyle changes. However, most of all, I had the opportunity to make life-transforming changes in my own personal life, following very sudden and difficult life events.

I consistently spend several hours a day on improving my own health and well-being, and have had a lot of success with turning things around after various adverse life events. Patience and perseverance pays off!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about me and what makes me tick. If you would like to know more about me, and how I may support you, please get in touch today.

Best Regards,

Agnieszka Paszkiewicz