The Local Core was created with the aim to inspire you to do more of what makes you stand out and provide you with tools so you can Express Your Potential.
It is a resourceful and growing venture based in Gloucestershire (UK), dedicated to helping you to improve your Health & Wellbeing and enhancing your Creative Personal and Professional Development. We fully cherish diversity and are passionate about enabling ongoing growth & better health for all of our clients, through use of therapeutic, transformational and creative expression tools such as Sound, Voice and Arts which are more natural ways of achieving this goal.
The Local Core offers services to Work Teams, Groups, as well as Individuals on a 1-2-1 basis.

We hope to share ways to enhance the unique potential we all possess within, which we often only realise once we are faced with challenges to overcome, or have built more confidence and trust in ourselves moving forward. We aim to differentiate it and offer you tailored tools to help you relax, grow and enjoy this transformational process. Together we will be able to devise the most suitable ways to achieve your aims. As emotional, personal and social competencies (Emotional Intelligence) play a vital role in achieving success in our lives & businesses, we hope to inspire you to work with us, starting from wherever you are in your own journey!

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We hope you will enjoy learning why it all matters, and the efforts we can all invest together each day to bring about positive changes to the lives & wellbeing of local people and businesses.

Get in touch today if you want to learn more and wish to work with us to propel your life and business transformations. 

We look forward to hearing from you

Enjoy and stay inspired! 

Agnieszka Paszkiewicz, Founder of The Local Core